Presenters: Erik Groeneveld, Thijs Janssen


This session introduces you to Theme Centered Interaction (TCI). You will participate in team activities that initiate proper interaction between the team members.  The relevant themes will follow from this interaction and become the center of attention. The session format is almost identical to what we have been doing with new teams to start making it self-steering. It is not about TCI: you will be in it.

TCI was created by the German Dr. Ruth C. Cohn. As an psychotherapist, she met experiential therapists (e.g. Maslow, Satir) which made her think about the role of countertransference -- the redirection of a psychotherapist's feelings toward a client. She discovered that doing so caused the theme brought in by the client to come to life again. This led to Theme Centred Interaction as a way to create fascinating, lively processes for learning and changing.

(Online info is a bit sparse, but we found the Wikipedia page on Ruth Cohn ( to be inline with what we've read in printed magazines.)

Format and length:

Workshop of 90 minutes.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Any team member. There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience. XPDays itself serves as subject-matter. When trying this at home, we do recommend having an experienced facilitator.

Objective of the session:

The session is a succes if participants recognize the themes arising from interaction and taking the central place. Everything else follows from that.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

for the participants:

  • learn a way to start improving teams at a fundamental level.

for the presenters:

  • get feedback and suggestions for improvement.