Presented by Christophe Thibaut and Mathieu Gandin


Is everything going well in your project ? Do you know why ? Or is everything going worse and worse ? In that case, do you have ideas about the current forces drivng the situation ? Surely a single cause, single effect description must be discarded as too simplistic, but how then do we deal with the complexity ? In this interactive session, you will learn how to describe system dynamics in work situations and how to reason about where -- and how much -- to intervene into complex situations.

Format and length: 90 mins interactive session

Intended audience and prerequisites:

This session is intended for coaches, developers and project managers. No prior knowledge of system dynamics is required.

Objective(s) of the session:

In this session we focus on diagramming a system dynamics in order to better understand a given situation and intervene more effectively.

The session will be a success if

  • participants have learned system dynamic diagramming skills
  • participants have new insight about some usual situations in IT/team dynamics
  • presenter and participants can exchange "aha" moments as well as laughter during the session

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

For the participants:

  • learn how to describe a situation in terms of reinforcing and balancing loops
  • knowing better how and where to intervene in a situation where systemic dynamics are at play
  • discuss and exchange with other practitionners about system dynamics in work situations
  • gain new insight on a situation that is challenging your team/customer/manager
  • have fun

For the presenters:

  • learn more about how to apply the systemic dynamic diagramming
  • get to listen and reflect about challenging situations for teams/customers/managers
  • have fun