Presented by Portia Tung and Jenni Jepsen


The Emperor is parading in his new clothes! See him in all his glory! Which role will you play? The mischievous weaver who robs the kingdom and sells the Emperor his birthday suit? Or the obsequious minister who assures the Emperor his bottom doesn’t look big in it? Or the innocent child who tells it like it is? We all interact with different types of characters in our daily lives which may give rise to stressful situations.

Together we will learn how to communicate better with others, especially at times of stress, by transforming our behaviour from incongruence to congruence. We will learn to recognise incongruence by role-playing the 4 Coping Stances, based on the Satir Model, then learn how to transform our behaviour from one of incongruence to congruence (the fifth stance) by thinking about interactions in terms of Self, Other and Context.

Format and length:

90 minute tutorial

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Managers, team members, individuals who want to improve communication by becoming more congruent in their interactions with others. This session is particularly useful to those who work in highly stressful situations* and strive for improvement.

*Examples of stressful situations at work include: excessive workload demands, competing priorities, limited resources and conflicting expectations.

Objectives of the session:

  • Recognise incongruent behaviour in yourself and in others.
  • Learn how to transform incongruent behaviour to congruent behaviour in stressful situations.
  • Learn how to prevent stressful situations by making congruence a habit.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

  • For attendees: improved communication (one of the Agile/XP Values) with others, especially in stressful situations. Reduction in the number of stressful situations you find yourself in.
  • For presenters: our own congruence is put to the test by running a session such as this one since, as the presenters, we will need to lead by example. Become more congruent. Reduce the number of stressful situations we find ourselves in by helping others learn to become more congruent.