Presented by Peter Doomen and Sven Cipido


At first sight, Kanban looks deceptively simple. You visualise your workflow like in all agile methods, put some work-in-progress limit to every stage, and that's it!

This is indeed the basics for any succesful Kanban. But why are these two principles the driving force behind Kanban? And how can we teach people these basics in a way that they understand the principles, not only know them by heart?

That is what the Kanban Game accomplishes.In a relatively simple game that takes 1.5 hours, participants are stimulated to discuss and understand the underpinnings of Kanban, helping them to become more agile and ultimately more succesful in their business. Suited even for people who don't know Kanban at all!

Format and length: 90 mins interactive session

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Kanban beginners. Everyone interested in understanding why Kanban works. So, basically, anyone who knows the theory but has not had much chance to try it out.

Objective(s) & Benefits (for the participants and the presenters) of the session:

  • for attendees: understand hands-on why the simple rules behind Kanban actually work
  • for presenters: further improve the game to offer it as a free download on our website