Presented by Gino Marckx and Michael Sahota


Selecting and delivering the most important work is a critical success factor in Agile projects. But how do you know what is important? Unless you are psychic, some help would come in handy.

Get a guided tour to a variety of strategies and tools to manage your backlog. Understand the benefits of each approach using a model that puts them in context: Customer, Team and Company perspectives. Learn how to make informed decisions on which tool to use in your situation. E.g. Innovation Games, Story Map, Software By Numbers, Kano Analysis.

We use these tools help you pick stories that better satisfy customer and stakeholders.

A series of hands-on exercises will help ground your understanding so come ready to play!

Format and length:

90-minute tutorial/workshop

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Product owner, Business sponsor, Business Analyst, Development Manager, Team members

Objectives of the session:

  • Learn a model for understanding different backlog organization and prioritization tools (Customer-Company-Team Triangle)
  • Introduction to several different strategies and tools
  • Ways of thinking about business value and priority
  • Hands-on learning experience through a series of exercises working with a product backlog
  • Understand where to go to get more information

Benefits for the participants and the presenters:

for the participants:

  • Understand the purpose and intent of the technique
  • Have a basic understanding of mechanics
  • Understand where it fits in the model (in relation to other techniques)
  • Know where to follow-up for more information

for the presenters:

  • Get feedback from the participants about the session
  • Learn new insights, new models to organize and prioritize a product backlog