Wake-up Program

Pre-conference wake-up sessions
If you're staying at the hotel or if you're really early, you can participate in our 'pre-conference wake-up sessions'.

To maximize our ability to enjoy the coming day, we start by emptying our minds. The practice of Za Zen is a good tool for that. Certainly if we can use the meditation cells of the monastery Kappelerput used to be.

We just sit down and follow the three instructions :

  • position your body,
  • place the breath into the body,
  • put your mind onto the breath.
Then the excercise starts by observing how our mind struggles for attention. It wants to have something to do. But we just observe and don't react. After a while the mind calms down. We're taming the beast :-)

We'll do that twice in short sessions of 10 minutes. We'll have a few minutes between them to allow people to join in.

To finish, with a clear mind, we move the focus to our body - which will have to carry us through the day. For about 20 minutes we'll do some simple stretching excercises known as Makko Ho. All the excerices are based on the aikido preparation of Ken Gyu dojo.

You'll be guided by Olivier Costa


  • loosely fitting clothes help.
  • sitting on a cushion helps a lot. (We'll have some available)


Monday 26 April
07:00 Intro
07:05 Za zen
07:15 5 min break
07:20 Za zen
07:30 5 min break
07:35 Makko Ho
08:00 breakfast