Presented by Craig Morrison and Arnaud Bailly


This session is a down-to-earth report on how we tried to apply what we knew of Agile development to a new project, how we changed the way projects were organized at Murex, which techniques & tools we used and which we did not used, how we succeeded in delivering working software on time to a demanding customer in a somewhat different domain from the usual business at Murex, and of course which problems we encountered. It will be run in the form of a lightweight storytelling game (aka. Role-Playing Game).

Format and length: 60 mins interactive talk in the spirit of a gamebook

Intended audience and prerequisites:

  • people new to Agile will be exposed to a concrete experience of agile adoption within a big company,
  • experienced coaches & developers will be interested in the specific challenges faced by agile enthusiasts at Murex.

Objective(s) of the session:

  • experiment storytelling as a collective experience gathering;
  • expose & discuss our agile adoption path, benefits & challenges

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

We expect the participants to:

  1. have fun,
  2. discover and exchange new ways of introducing agile in their organization, according to the infinitely many contexts that can be constructed from the combination of some common issues encountered,
  3. use storytelling as a tool to structure our cognitive process (ie. the way we understand the world around us).
The presenters will be happy if they uncover new things to improve through interacting with an audience.