The conference is organised by a team of volunteers who work tirelessly to make the conference a fun, informative and interesting event.

Let's meet the team:

Venue and practical organisation

Vera Peeters Rob Westgeest Vera Peeters (Tryx) and Rob Westgeest (Westgeest Consultancy) manage all the practical details of the venue so that the conference takes place in great surroundings with good food and drink.


Nicole_Belilos Marc Evers Merlijn Van Minderhout Dirk Devriendt Nicole Belilos (Xebia), Marc Evers (Piecemeal Growth), Merlijn van Minderhout (Mind 72) and Dirk Devriendt (Kipu) manage the conference program and help presenters so that we can offer high quality, well-prepared sessions that are appealing to a broad range of participants.


Pascal Van Cauwenberghe Pascal Van Cauwenberghe (Nayima) is in charge of finances so that the organisers have the resources to organise this event now and in the future.


Marc Evers Pascal Van Cauwenberghe Marc Evers (Piecemeal Growth) and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe (Nayima) ensure that sponsors get their message across to the participants and that the price of tickets remains affordable.

On the Day

Thien Queruudwijnands Thien Que Nguyen and Ruud Wijnands and all the other organisers ensure that everything goes smoothly on the days of the conference. If you have any questions or you need help at the conference, come and talk to us.

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