Feike Groen

IT @ bol.com:
With 150+ people in the IT-department, bol.com has been working with full-blown SCRUM for more than 3 years now. Each of the now 17 SCRUM teams contributes to bol.com’s main goals in IT innovation and operational excellence: short time to market, parallel innovation in all key business areas, and above all enjoying working at bol.com IT every day.

Feike Groen played a leading part in implementing SCRUM at bol.com. As the IT development manager he succeeded in transforming the IT department to a lean set of teams with a strong focus on delivering business value every sprint. Before joining bol.com in 2006 Feike worked in IT for more than 10 years, as a hands-on, agile project manager eager to communicate and bringing business and IT together. This also has focus in his current role, manager Architecture and IT innovation.

Frederieke Ubels has been working for bol.com for 10+ years. She started as the manager of the book department, and switched to IT in 2007. Her background in the marketing department has played a key role in aligning the IT SCRUM teams with the business departments within bol.com. As a SCRUM process coach Frederieke Ubels has been the one responsible for making SCRUM work at bol.com. At the moment she’s responsible for the next step in improving the innovation process at bol.com, as a manager of the IT Innovation process.

About bol.com:
Bol.com opened its doors on 30 March, 1999. Over 13 years later, the store has over 3.4 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium who bought almost 17.5 million products in 2011. This makes bol.com the largest (web)shop in the Netherlands and Belgium and market leader in the field of online sales of books, entertainment, electronic devices and toys. Visitors of the online department store have access to over 5.5 million products with just one mouse click, including new and second hand Dutch and foreign books, music, DVDs and games, notebooks, software, PC accessories, electronics, mobile phones, LCD and plasma televisions, a large selection of electronic domestic appliances, toys, baby, beauty & health products, everything for cooking & dining, e-readers with tens of thousands of e-books and a photo album service. In February 2011, bol.com Plaza was launched. This made bol.com the first store to give its customers access to products from other stores via the web shop.
Market research shows that the store has been one of the most popular stores for Dutch-speaking customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. This appreciation doesn’t only show from the continuous increase in the number of visitors, but also from the many prices awarded to the store by the public, for instance the many Thuiswinkel Awards.

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