The Agile Quizzitch

by Sven Cipido & Peter Doomen


You want to know how much you know about Agile? Do you want to upgrade your Agile knowledge in a fun way? Come to this session and play the quiz.

Goal of the session: Have fun in learning more about Agility
Intended audience: In fact All! (see Personas)
Experience level: From beginner to expert
Session Type: Games
Topic: agile
Duration: 90 min
Max participants: 50
Laptops required: No

Detailed Description

You think you know a lot about Agile or maybe you just starting with it. We will check in a fun way your knowledge. Are you the first one to reach the highest level? Well congrats then....

And don't you think it's just another quiz? No! Each question has a different difficulty grade, the more correct answers you have, the more difficult the questions will be.

How the game is played
The group is split in two large teams. Every participant gets four cards with the letters A, B, C and D.
The quizmaster starts the game by asking a multiple choice question with four alternative answers.
Participants are not allowed to talk. Instead, they select the card that indicates the right answer and put it before them.
When all participants have chosen their answer, they turn their selected cards so that every other team member can see it. Then they can briefly discuss the answers.

After every three questions, teams can join with other teams. When they join, points are put together. Joining is not possible if there are only two teams left.

When teams split or join, the newly formed teams choose a new team name. Team names and points are vizualised by the quiz master.

The quiz master asks: "What is the square root of 9?" with following possible answers:
answer A: 1, answer B: 2, answer C: 3, answer D: 4

So Team One will split up in three groups:

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