Self-organizing organizations. For real.

All you’ve ever wanted to know about self-organized companies – without daring actually run one

by Emmanuel Gaillot & Eric SEGUIER


Learn about self-organized companies from people who've been crazy enough to try it out.

Goal of the session: To hear a story about self-organization, as a change from hearing theories about self-organization; To learn few things worth fighting for in your own company, even if it doesn’t make it an “Agile Company;” To meet and discuss with like-minded spirits.
Intended audience: People curious about self-organization at company-level : Bram, Leo, Vincent, Ellen (see Personas)
Experience level: We expect people to come with their own experience of what work and the workplace are.
Session Type: Fishbowl
Topic: Team and Individual, Cases and Intros
Duration: 60 minutes
Max participants: As many as the room may hold
Laptops required: No

Detailed Description

Everyone and their grandmother in the Agile world will rave about self-organizing teams and the value of self-organization. Very few are willing to push self-organization to the next step - that is, to actually work without managers / coordinators / benevolent seniors… in short, without anyone (including yourself) telling their mate (including yourself) what they must do. There’s a reason for this: self-organization is no picnic, it doesn’t work, and everyone knows it. We at /ut7 don’t know better, and we take nothing for granted. So we’ve tried. For real. And we’ve learned some lessons on our way. And we believe we have some valuable stuff to share about self-organization, and life. In this session, we will entertain a discussion with the audience, and do our best to answer their questions on the matter. We won’t sell you anything. No method, no tool, no shortcut to blood, sweat and tears. We might get into talking about sex and politics, but we promise that we will stay out of religion.

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