..with the practice of Zen - Yoga - Aikido

by Olivier Costa & Thien Que Nguyen


Would you like to keep your mind sharp and focused?
Wanna experience something stronger than coffee or Red Bul?
....And keep your energy high for the entire XP days?
Then join in on a gentle wake up session!

After this morning session, you will be able to keep your whole energy until the end of the day and more....Rise with the sun and get ahead.
All you need to do is get up early and show up!
The hour contains:

Goal of the session: A fresh start
Intended audience: Everyone (see Personas)
Experience level: no experience required
Session Type: workshop
Topic: Team and Individual
Duration: 60 min
Max participants: 16
Laptops required: no

Detailed Description

What's it about ?
In this workshop you 'll get introduced to ancient tools for modern-day challenges:

The plan
At 6.55 am, before the xpday sessions begin, we come together for a short intro in Shikantaza ZaZen. Then we start preparing the body for several iterations during 20min.

When our mind is calm and attentive, we stand up and practice some of the traditional exercises inherited from the samurai, Chinese & Indian traditions. Seemingly simple movements with powerful effects inside the body and mind.

The last 20 min. with mind & body relaxed and ready, we start exchanging energy with another and learn how to handle ourselves in relation to others. The focus is on awareness.

The Objective

Benefits for participants and presenter
After the workshop, you'll be energized, ready for a very interactive & productive day. As our ancestors already knew: Mens sana in corpore sana, is the foundation for great achievements.

The workshop will be held on both days from 7.00 - 8.00 am.
After the workshop we 'll have breakfast together and be ready for a great XP-day.

Some info on the trainers..
Olivier Costa is a member of Ken Gyu dojo where he learned these techniques from Frank sensei and his teacher Tomita Shihan a japanese grandmaster and student of the founder of Aikido: Morihei Ueshiba.

Thien Que Nguyen is a Yogini instructor from the Satyananda Yoga tradition. She teaches yoga at the office and focusses on awareness of breath and yoga-power-nap-nidra.

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