The Agile Tipping Point

Learn how to create an Agile epidemic in your organisation

by Ron Eringa & Martijn Dehing


Learn why it is that some ideas & behaviors start epidemics and others don't. Discover which factors have influence on spreading a message.
Using this information we will define some practical tips that can help you spread the message more efficient.

Goal of the session: Determine your personal plan for the change you are about to set free
Intended audience: Everyone of you who wants to force a change at work or even in your private life. (see Personas)
Experience level: None required, just bring enthousiasm
Session Type: Presentation & workshop
Topic: Team & individual
Duration: 90
Max participants: -
Laptops required: No

Detailed Description

This session is based on the New York bestseller "The tipping point" by Malcolm Gladwell.
We will use the practicle examples from the book to have a discussion on finding discriminators that can help in coaching an organisation to a higher performance level.

We will do a self-insight session and there will be room for discussion and live cases.

Gladwell defines 3 different personality types that contribute to epidemics: Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. To get self insights we will do a number of self tests:

As Agile coaches and Scrum masters we have seen ideas and products tip, but we also saw initiatives fail. The goal of the session is to discuss and understand what factors have influence on reaching the Agile Tipping point.
Participants are invited to think of their own environment to see if we can find the factors that might reach a tipping point in their organisation. We will discuss our own experience & one of the cases in the workshop as an example.

Take aways
We have created a MindMap of the book summary for all of you right brainers out there!

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