Guiding Agile Transitions

We share the framework we developed for guiding agile transitions

by Rob van Lanen


Ever wondered how to start and how to structure an agile transition? Do you feel that there are similarities between agile transitions at several companies? Come to this session to find out what our experiences are, how the framework we developed can be used and participate in mapping your experiences and questions on our approach!

Goal of the session: To be able to structure an agile transition and have a practical reference when doing it.
Intended audience: Leo, Bram, Vincent, Ellen (see Personas)
Experience level: None required
Session Type: 15 minutes presentation, 45 minutes interactive session
Topic: Process and Improvement
Duration: 60 min / 90 min
Max participants:
Laptops required: no

Detailed Description

As Agile change agents, we guide people, teams and organizations in their agile journey. As a group of experienced coaches, we found out that every organization has a different starting point and context. After we guided various transitions over a few years, we began to see trends and similarities between organizations. When we started structuring our findings, we sketched a model that looked very similar to the work of professor in ‘Implementation and Change Management’: Thijs Homan.

With a group of five experienced agile consultants, we worked out this model and developed a framework for organizations who want to start and/or pursue their agile transitions. This framework acts as a reference guide for us and our clients when implementing an Agile transition. It focuses on guiding organizations from a plan-driven approach to a results-driven way of working.
We used the approach in the field, shared our findings and captured it by writing a book. This book helps us in making an entry in the boardroom. We like to present our findings, our framework and our real-life examples with two of our coaches in an interactive session.

We are also interested in other models & approaches of participants. If participants find this valuable, we will conclude the session with sharing this information between participants

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