The Return of the Werewolves

A coding competition

by Johan Peeters & Peter Doomen


In this side-track, we are looking for the programming practices that can produce the most business value. A short introductory session is followed by a technical side track where you will implement a computer version of the well-known party game “werewolves”. But mind you, change will happen!

Goal of the session: + Develop a real application. + Demonstrate that good practices can make a difference. Show that we are actually capable of changing direction if needed.
Intended audience: •Every developer who wants to demonstrate the agility of his programming toolbox. This could be "I want to prove that my programming language is more agile than others so that I can become the next guru and take over the world", or, "TDD is the best thing since sliced bread, so, I don't write one line of code unless I have a failing test" •Every developer who wants to learn agile programming practices from his peers •Every developer who wants to leave the XP days with a real, demo-able result (see Personas)
Experience level: coding skills are needed
Session Type: technical side track
Topic: Technology and Technique
Duration: the whole conference
Max participants: unlimited
Laptops required: yes

Detailed Description

The presenters: Johan Peeters, Nelis Boucké, Alexander Helleboogh and Peter Doomen

We’ll form small groups (1,2,3 persons) around programming languages, we’ll get some customer input and then we’ll start coding! Or write tests, whatever you believe is the most effective…

Participants can decide when to continue working on the case by themselves. At regular moments, a new/changed user story will be made available. Important metrics we want to gather during the competition are, on the one hand, the total business value produced, and, on the other, the ratio of business value to time spent.

After day 1, a first demo to the product owner will be given by all participating groups (with clarification of user stories if needed)

After day 2, all teams give their final demo to the product owner and a winner will be announced… There will be an opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of the techniques employed by the teams.

More information on the game of werewolf (partially in Dutch):

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Developers, so coding skills needed. You also need a computer with your favorite developer toolset and possibly some reference material like handbooks

Benefits for participants and presenter(s):

•For presenters: being able to play the game :-)
•For participants: the same, plus being proud of having made the best implementation in a very short time…

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