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At Prowareness we drink our own champagne! For example; we are coached by Jeff Sutherland, have a Monthly Scrum, do Weekly Stand-Ups, have complete transparency in monthly payments, set our own team goals, work with pair programming, and are very active in our knowledge sharing. We also have unlimited vacation days, and we even wrote our own book on Agile Implementation. Prowareness is 100 % Agile. We are set to become the number one company on Agile worldwide. How Agile are you?

We offer Agile Teams, Agile Coaching, Agile Professionals, Agile Academy, and Agile Cockpit.

Taking software development to the next level! www.scrum.nl / www.prowareness.nl

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We help our customers to build and deliver more valuable products by implementing or further improving Agile and Lean strategies. And according to our customers' results and feedback, we are damn good in doing that!

So, get in touch with us if you are interested in our high quality Agile training and coaching services. Or let us know if you have a solid experience in Agile or Scrum and you want to join the iLean team!

Want to see your company here? Have a look at our Sponsoring options and contact sponsoring to see how we can work together to make Mini XP Day a great day for the participants and your company.


Agile Holland is een onafhankelijke organisatie van en voor Agile practisanten in Nederland. Het is onze missie om het toepassen van Agile principes en praktijken te promoten.

Agile Belgium
The Agile Belgium user group is here to share experiences with you, teach new useful techniques and to support everyone who wants to improve their software development processes. Come to our user group meetings and events to meet other people who use agile methods, or want to use it or just want to know what agile really is.

DARE2013 conference: BE AGILE - SCALE UP - STAY LEAN

La communauté Agle et .NET francophone. Nous organisons la Journée Agile la conférence agile francophone en Belgique.