Behind the Scenes of XP Days

Shuffle the Cards!

Photographer caught on photo

Our intrepid reporter Thien Que Nguyen went undercover to observe how the XP Days organizers select sessions for the XP Days program and plan extreme fun activities for the conference. It's clear they take their job very seriously.

Work, work, work

Select sessions for the program

Laying out the program

So many excellent session proposals, so many choices! It's too hard to choose.

Visual Program Management: one card per session, one session per slot

A bit of Visual Management and team work to the rescue. In the end, we managed to create a great program within our planned timebox. Let us know what you think of the program.

And relax!

And Relax! Our favourite XP practice is Sustainable Pace

Sustainable pace, you know...

Inspection! Is everything ship-shape?

Reviewing a potential conference location for next year

Is this room suitable to host an interactive XP Days session?

Job well done!

The Program Committee team. Tired but happy with the result. Hope you'll like the program as much as we do.

Great work team! Every project should be this much fun. That's not possible, isn't it?

It isn't unless we try...