Call for Sessions

XP Days Benelux is an international conference where practitioners learn to bring software to life and grow mature systems that support business needs.

It provides an excellent environment for exchanging ideas, hands-on exercises and extreme experiences. The XP Days crowd loves highly interactive sessions where everyone participates and learns from each other.

The best way to learn is to facilitate a session on XP Days!

We’re looking for sessions where you explore ideas as well as questions. Sessions that dig deeper, going beyond the basic techniques and practices. We really want to find out why/how things work or don’t work. We invite you to propose:

We’re not only interested in agile and software related topics but we also want to explore boundaries and cross borders. What can we learn from other disciplines or sciences?

Available timeslots are 75 and 150 minutes.

The call for sessions is now closed

Session presenters are now collaborating to improve their sessions. The program committee will select the sessions and pubilsh the conference program in early september.


Propose and improve sessions DONE
Improve sessions 28/08/2013
Program Committee selects sessions 06/09/2013
Notifications of acceptance/rejection 12/09/2013
Publication of program 13/09/2013
Update session descriptions and session tryouts 17/11/2013