Agile Systems

Agile Systems is a non-profit whose goals are to build up and disseminate knowledge and experience related to agile methods and systems thinking.

The organisation operates mainly in The Netherlands and Belgium. We maintain ties with organisations and people worldwide who have the same interests.

Agile Systems provides the logistics (finance, registration, accounting, servers, tools and sites). Each conference is run by a team of conference hosts who determine the content and style of their conference.

What's so special about our events?

Each event is unique, but they all have one thing in common: we try to apply agile principles to every aspect of what we do. Continuous improvement, quality work, fast feedback, focus on people, learning by doing, open to new ideas, room for experimentation and fun... It's not just a good idea for IT. It's a great way to organise an event too.

We hope you enjoy the conferences as much as we do.

Don't take our word for it. This is what participants say makes XP Days special

The history of XP Day(s)

In 2000-2001 a group of people applying eXtreme Programming (XP) started up the Dutch and Belgian XP (now agile) usergoups. More and more people attended the meetings and workshops. In 2003 we decided to follow in the footsteps of "XP Day London" and organise a one day event, alternating between locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. All the programs and conference materials of previous years are available on this site.

The "XP Day" started out as a one-day conference with 4+1 track and 85 participants. As we got more and more presenters and participants, we scaled the conference up to two days and 5+ tracks. To keep the sessions interactive, we limit the number of participants to 30 per track, or 150 in total.

As the XP Days sold out, we needed to find a way to grow without compromising on the unique qualities that make XP Days Benelux "XP Days Benelux": plenty of room to meet and discuss everyone, a limited number of participants for mostly interactive session, a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Instead of scaling up further, we decided to "scale out": since 2009 we rerun some of the favourite sessions of the previous years XP Days at the "Mini XP Day", a one day conference with three tracks. Mini XP Day is ideal if you've missed XP Days or if you want to get a "taste" of what XP Days is.

Other events

We support other events in the Benelux:
  • We help organise the Agile Tour Brussels as part of the Agile Tour conferences that are run all over the world
  • In previous years we've sponsored the Journée Agile conference to help reach the french-speaking agile community in Belgium
  • We've organised presentations, user group meetings and workshops.
  • The Agile Holland and Agile Belgium groups continue to organise events.

Read more detailed feedback from participants at last year's XP Days.