Conference Center Kapellerput

Kapellerput is located in one of the loveliest parts of Heeze in Brabant. Surrounded by art and colour, you’ll experience true tranquility in this magnificent environment, rich in forests and waterways, to formulate ideas, share expertise and find solutions.

Book a hotel room at the conference center

We've reserved 20 hotel rooms at the conference center if you want to avoid traveling to the conference on Friday morning. Book your room in time! If all rooms are booked, Kapellerput can recommend other hotels in the area.

Contact the conference center hotel if you want to stay overnight.

voorzijde kapellerput
Kapellerput rooms


how to get there

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Travelling by car

Note that if you come by car and you haven't been around Eindhoven for a while, do not use your navigation tooling. The Eindhoven ring has changed dramatically (and may still be subject to more changes). Coming from Den Bosch, Tilburg or Antwerp go to direction Venlo (A67) and take exit 34 Geldrop or go to direction Maastricht (A2) and take exit 34 Valkenswaard.

Travelling by public transport

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Heeze has it"s own trainstation. It is the second station on the slow train from Eindhoven in direction of Sittard / Maastricht / Heerlen. The train leaves at Eindhoven every half hour at XX:04 and XX:34 and takes 10 minutes to get to Heeze.

From Heeze station you can take the buurtbus (neighbourhood-bus) 466 to Deurne, which stops right in from of the impressive drive of the Kapellerput. You can take a taxi from the train station for about 10 Euro's.

From Eindhoven Airport

Take bus 401 to Eindhoven Station. And use the information above to get to Heeze. Note that the trip is only about 17km and will take you over an hour to get you there.

A Taxi will take you there in 30 minutes. It'll cost about 45 to 50 Euros. The taxi companies have minivans available but they need to know upfront.

From Rotterdam Airport

Take Stadsbus (citybus) 33 to Rotterdam Central Station and then the Intercity train to Venlo. Exit at Eindhoven and use the information above to get to Heeze.

The trip will take a bout 2,5 hours.

From Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Schiphol has its own trainstation.

At xx:42 you can take a direct Intercity to Eindhoven.

At xx:27 (fastest) you can take a train to Nijmegen, change at Utrecht Central Station, take the train to Heerlen from there and exit at Eindhoven. In Utrecht your train should usually leave right across your plaftorm.

Use the information above to get to Heeze. The trip will take about 2 hours.

From Belgium

Check out the travel options from Belgian railway stations. Eindhoven can be reached via Dordrecht (from Antwerp/Gent) or Maastricht (from Brussels).

From France

The Thalys takes you from Paris to Rotterdam. From Rotterdam Central Station you take the train to Venlo.