Will you come back? What did you like? How would you make the conference perfect? Which (new) things are you going to apply or investigate? What would you like to see in a next conference? Any other feedback?
Yes Spiral Dimensions More of them Wheel of change More about implementing agile
Probably Atmosphere, organization and the sessions Non-Violent Communication Agility and soft skills
Yes The open atmosphere!
Improve retrospective
The "Why"
We will come next year with the pupils of EduScrum, if there is interest
Maybe not next year, but the next: Yes Format
Do not change anything except: please set the maximum of attendees by limiting the number of cards on the board(s) Feedback loop / PDCA identification in non-agile processes I'm prepared to be surprised :-)
Yes!!! People
Good sessions
Better Wi-Fi Host Leadership (to a deeper level)
Product Owner Value Game
Sharing stories between teams
For others I would recommend "I'm not a servant, I'm a host!"
Passion for Agile Education :-) I'm a presenter
Agile transition and formal change management (for more people, please. It is possible for more I heard)
Thanks for making the eduScrum session possible and making the students enthusiastic about Scrum with the XP Game :-)
Content and people-wise I would like to. Distance from Finland may be a problem (travel costs) Good facilities (the conference center and hotel)
Good food
Very well organized
Daily schedule cards
pick-up session card wall, feedback system
Bar night
Meeting and talking with great people
Near the session card wall there could have been a paper map to find the rooms. There was one at the door of "de Samenwerking" but it was hidden when the door was open.
iPhone app could have had longer session descriptions
Techniques for innovation
Some more thinking about radiators
Thank you very much! :-)
Yes Great program, speakers, location, food Add use of music
More sparkling water
Spiral Dynamics
Stakeholder mapping
Invite other disciplines we could learn from
Yes Good mix of different types of sessions
Social interaction
Maybe add an open space element How to take agile to the next level
Sure! The place, the atmosphere, the people, open-minded interactions, diversity of sessions, the presence of the organizing team Add an open space dedicated time to involve other speakers Using psychology aspects to improve the collaborative work An intro from organizers of the evolution of XP Days, years after years. What are the challenges for the team?
An opening keynote from one with everyone (auditorium)
Thanks to all organizers!!
Yes!!! Pixar Storytelling session
Open & connecting people
The location, logistics, services and hosting was great!
Video before and after would be very useful both for participants & feedbacks
Think about ways to maximize connections
Scaling agility
Graphical facilitation
Workshop & events organization / facilitation
Yoga session again! I missed it 3 times this year... The eduScrum guests: having students brought freshness and social impact of agile => I like the idea of agile eating the world
Of course! The atmosphere, the sessions, great dinner
It's good to see that XP Days does not change and stays a great conference
It's perfect I want to join eduScrum Great job! Thank you so much
Of course! Location, people, mood, organization Location near cities "Agile" for education Belgium :-)
Yes Some really mind shifting sessions Move towards center of Holland or further down => hotel! Entangling artifacts Keep up the good work
Yes, it's been very valuable in this format with students Active session formats
Learning from other people
Feedback after Friday afternoon has delivered a lot of value
Probably! Being introduced to a wide range of ideas
The passionate conversations
Interactive sessions
More opportunity for sharing ideas on how to do some of the more fundamental stuff like how to write user stories, compose teams etc. Specification by example
Concurrent programming
Yes Atmosphere, opening plenary Breakfast!
Something on portfolio planning, kanban, cost of delay
Shorter talks
Gamestorming Dinner with a stranger
Better wifi
More on product design
Yes, it was great The whole program
Talking to the business people
I wouldn't change anything Using retro, talk and ask more
Control things before you add them in
Exactly what we did today Really great conference, also for students. Thanks for inspiring me!
Certainly 2015 Interactivity
Excellent food
Spelling errors on boards How to get along with difficult people Thank you
Yes, I hope so Pierluigi's session and Jenni's session. Both inspired me to think and apply their story to my work More case studies
Real customers, real participants, etc.
Per's toolbox
Pierluigi's model (host leadership)
More case studies
Real customers, real participants, etc.
Yes. I've learned what we're really doing and learned that it's OK to ask the teachers questions I liked that I could teach other people something and, by doing so, learn something myself Nothing. I like it as it is Try new things to see if that improves scrumming Progress for myself
Yes Everyone is kind to each other and makes fun It was a bit hot inside, so...
Retro More people from other ages It was very nice!
Yes Great leaders
Great people
Great talks
Better wifi
Some of the talks needed more refinement
TDD (Ok, not new but I've been using)
If that could be arranged, of course! The adults find us interesting and then it's fun to answer questions
The program
I find it pretty perfect already :-)
It would have been nice to know in advance what exactly we were going to do
Feedback and retro of eduScrum
I'd like to Making people aware of the utility of eduScrum It's already perfect :-) Review if something really went well A bit less chaos. Sometimes I didn't know what I was supposed to do
Atmosphere, location, great sessions!!! Healthy snacks readily available Many! More of all this, more of these folks
It's complicated :-) The size of the event (number of people)
Workshops, games, interactive sessions
Add a third day for open space Organization scaling
Concurrent programming with TDD
If it's possible, I'd love to People are very friendly and want to learn More information upfront Collaborating and new retrospective method Very educational.
I felt respected
I'd love to!!! Everything: the ambiance, the learning, the teaching. I think "older" people finally listened to what students have to say I think it is... Using the retrospective more and better Us again. I think people learned a lot of our "lesson" / presentation
If it's possible, I'd love to Friendliness. Learning Inform us better upfront Collaboration. Retro If was a beautiful educational day
Yes I learned a lot.
The food was really good
Music! Nicer atmosphere All things we learned about (edu)Scrum
Yes The morning and the people we worked with.
The food was amazing
Music Make people enthusiastic about eduScrum More people :-) No, everything was fine
Yes Atmosphere, a lot of people open to talk, listen think, act Train some presenters to present and tell them to do more interaction Courage
Ask "Why"
Yes Everyone is very kind and the games were fun to do More students How to use Scrum More cooperation with students
Very likely Open space, eduScrum, people + atmosphere
Meditation + yoga @ 7 AM
Some sessions can be a bit more difficult, challenging eduScrum
Business Value
Don't solve problems (directly), listen + empathize
The evening game was fun, could be a bit more structured
+++ open space, eduScrum
More student visits part of XP Days, inviting different schools each year
No, but I will come back within two years Software Ball Internet connection Job descriptions and advertisement vacancies Book presentations
Yes The mix of sessions
Social side
Venue, food, drinks, organization
Have everyone stay overnight! Pixar - Drawing & visualizing more
Better retros
How to better connect
Try not to have more than one parallel session as it limits choices if you go to a single sessions Would love to get attendee list so that you can easily connect & continue the learning
Yes A lot of different topics to choose from. Too many that had my interest Functional programming How an architect fits inside and agile team
Yes! Interactive sessions
High quality overall
Maybe a bit more prepared evening program
Make sure laptop sessions are well prepared. It seems these sessions fail more than others
PO coaching
XP Days Junior?
Yes Interactive workshops Force me to go to bed early on Thursday! Try & get metrics for business value
Yes Energy level
Great session on human brain by Jenni
Host leadership
The Plouf
Agile coaching for 300 people was not in depth enough
Sure, why not? Content, setup & atmosphere Fewer great sessions in parallel with my own session. I wanted to visit them :p Anti-fragile
Host leadership
The same full range from tech to leadership Can we have a tutorial day up front, with (half) day sessions?
Yes (Maybe not every year though, but that is not your fault) Lovely mix of sessions! Better wifi (teeny, tiny improvement point. I'll just send my tweets from home) The PO Game, defining the value of stories The same great mix of sessions I skipped out of the double sessions as they were usually up against two slots of interesting sessions
The interactive sessions, games Some more real-world technical presentations
Some presentations were not well prepared, a bit dull
Focus on the why
Probably :-) Social: diner, bar, talks
Mutual review
Fast help from organizers
Different talks/subject areas
The school input
Yoga evening
Friendly people
New friends
Have working Wifi ;-)
Announce checkout time the day before
Have the bar open longer
More speakers (not so many talks per person)
Small snacks during the day
Host leadership
Brain power
Back to basics
Using the values to set direction
Visual facilitation
I can only tell you that I would like to return. So, yes Varying expertises and "functions" of people There are a lot of small tips & tricks as well as experiences that will help me. Nothing specific though. Oh, the PO game perhaps? More theory i.s.o. Exchanging notes and ideas in sessions. Exchanging should be done at lunch? Or a bit more. You get it, right? A better evening group programme
Sure! Atmosphere, setting
? PO Game, try it
Try some Scaled Agile things I heard about
Thx! Keep it up!
Yes The discussions within the groups Add open space sessions
Describe more precisely the goal of  each session during the pitch or on the site
Cycle of Change Open Space sessions
Probably, yes Mix between interactive (coding) session and "sit & listen" talks More rooms available in the conference hotel AI Programming
Applying recruiting methods / techniques
Maybe Interactive sessions, new ideas / techniques Increase the practically of the sessions Process Mapping
Connecting with people
Software Ball
Increase the practically of the sessions There is a limit on asking feedback / interactivity
I hope! People, back to agile Clone myself to attend the XP sessions Re-assess myself, try to bring a coach in, share and reproduce workshop artwork More games Great as usual
Most probably The atmosphere and quality of workshops Put up large plan of the rooms to easily find the room you're looking for Assembly language
Storyboarding, colorscripting
Soft(ware) Ball
How to deal with technical debt? Good atmosphere and well-organized
Probably yes Level of attendees
No basic subject / angle on subjects
No idea for now Team value
Emergent semiotic
Yes! How can you even ask :-) Atmosphere Better printer + Wifi Situational & host leadership Concrete leadership - awareness
Concrete techniques/tools
I (heart) XP Days
Of course! :-) The people, the atmosphere, the bonfire, yoga, sessions, the people, the organizers (also people) :-) More salads Comfort zones
Pixar storytelling techniques
One block of lightning talks (say 60 minutes after lunch one of the days). Thank you again to all the organizers- you've created an amazing atmosphere where learning happens. I feel enriched!!
Yes Opportunity to meet people
Share ideas
Stay connected
Some times sessions need more preparation, losing time in startup or installation BDD
Randori kata
Still technical (.Net, java) , hands-on workshops
Probably How agile (and others :-)) manipulate us
Seeing more "real" pair programming
Less half day sessions because if session goes wrong, you're stuck in it (because you are pairing) and also because if you decide to go to a quarter day session, your choice to fill the next quarter is reduced Fast & Slow thinking
Improve my way of pairing
Seriously addressing legacy (code and organization) and technical debt Keep on rolling :-) There was really interesting stuff here
Yes Leadership ladder session Better wifi Leadership ladder
Yes Nice location, nice people Retrospective games
Definition of Fun
Fear in ICT
Yes The interaction / learning from others It's fine Product Owner game
Yes The sessions, the agility, innovation, the people Better wifi Figures on stable teams Kanban sessions Great Sketchnoting
Of course The content of sessions is interactive It is really sad to miss sessions and It would be really interesting if you publish a detailed outline so we can check later what we missed To consider other solutions even if theirs' are not correct, but at least I'll know about them
Maybe Empathic communication
Functional TDD
Make sure that presenters are ready and well prepared! Investigate functional programming
Yes Atmosphere (friendly, relaxed)
Sessions with good content
A road sign that has pointers to the rooms
More fresh air during the sessions
Ladders of leadership
Agile transition and formal change management => Visualizing stakeholder
Leadership / mindfulness connection
Probably, but not sure if every year Sessions: content, interactivity and practical
Presenters' focus on having audience enjoying the session
Go back to TDD (as I have stopped it for a while)
Concurrent program testing
In applying Scrum, focus back on retrospective
Refactoring legacy code with levels of abstraction (at least)
Yes As always: the exercises, the people
the cases
the presence of teachers and pupils
Dinner was a bit boring, rooms warm (door had to be opened for fresh air) Leadership ladder
Some new questions for job interviews
Try new approach for difficult people
Agile program management
Team development
Team appraisal techniques (how to move away from regular "eindejaarsbeoordelingen"?)
Keep up the good work! I find it hard to get devs/testers to this conference. Can you help?
Maybe Some code sessions: "your path to agility" and "working with people you can't stand" Good enough Spiral Dynamics Interested in a lot
Probably, but not in the near future The people, the technical discussions, hotel Warmer sleeping rooms CSP, slower TDD Legacy refactoring (hard-core)
Quite probably Being able to sleep on premises
Quality of sessions
Martial arts / yoga
Sponsors not too intrusive
Travel time from Paris bearable but on the long side. I will have to miss the closing session in order to go to the last train of the day
FWIW the app doesn't work on my iPhone 4 (needs IOS 8, I can only go up to 7). No major loss, I think
Asking why
Performance requirements rather than functionalities
Yes Interactive sessions More discovery session (i.e. Sessions without predefined outcome) Node JS - AI More discovery session (i.e. Sessions without predefined outcome)
Yes Loved the Software Ball session by Olivier. It really showed me what emergent design meant.
Like the eduScrum session. It was inspiring
Would like to see more new faces Empathic learning New people, new ideas, more insights
Yes, it is very interesting New views on things
Some eye openers
Have more participants for Thursdays Working with people I can't stand
Do something with courage and vulnerability
Surprise me! Well done!
Yes Interactive sessions, lots of hands-on work Some<span >  presentations did not leave enough time for discussion  Leadership
Empathic communication
Maybe 30 sec presentations
Dungeon Master
Writing concurrent code using TDD
Pixar storytelling
Explore Courage
It already is Concurrent code
Yes!!! Quality of the sessions
Maturity of the discussions
More "scientific validation" behind the topics of some presentations. I believe in some case there was not much...
Yes Jenni's session and Pierluigi's about host leadership More diversity in topics & speakers Host leadership Devops Keep up the great work
Yes The informal atmosphere Nothing to add The office according to the Office
Yes Meeting fellows I met in the past. The technical tracks Functional programming
New ways to bring TDD over
More technical tracks
Yes Nice program & interesting workshops
Learned a lot: change management & BL creation
Cycle of change
Model for the grooming
I am a newbie so some groups were formed with mainly experts it was sometimes hard to follow Great location & well done!
Yes Location
Lunch (cold part and soup)
WIFI usable
More advanced and clustered topics: scaling, change management, management...
Warm part of lunch was not good
Change management techniques More advanced and clustered topics: scaling, change management, management...
Yes The enormous diversity of sessions
The location and service offered
Close the gap between Scrum Agile ICT and organizational development in a broader context Change management wheel
Leadership dimensions
Agile Organizing Thank you for hosting this event. You succeeded in excellence!
Yes Organization
Previous years it was possible to follow a track across two days. E.g. Mgt in agile culture, leadership...
Plan was to do the same with Scaling, but the sessions were more scattered
Feedback loops. Big topic in Kanban as well and related with Change mgt More Change Mgt - Kanban in scaling
Absolutely Overall atmosphere
Talking with others
More sessions about what the outside world wants from the agile community e.g. Scaling, change mgmt Tom & Kai Gilb's work A battle of the scaling frameworks Great job guys!
Absolutely! The variety in the sessions
Organization of the event
More sessions outside of IT
A better WIFI!
Host leadership
Wired to connect
Tracks with a theme. E.g. Change Management and the  all sessions about that theme.
Yes Fun environment, good sessions, food, friendly people => a great conference Better WIFI Spiral dynamics More focus on scaling, change... You're doing a great job
Probably The people, the organization, some sessions Better session proposals
Sessions in which we create something new but couldn't be created by the participants individually
Use of language Better session proposals
Sessions in which we create something new but couldn't be created by the participants individually
Probably People
Carpooling in advance
Ask more often why Nightly hike! I really enjoyed it, thank you!
Sure All of it: the atmosphere, the sessions, learning from experiences of others Sometimes sessions are too short Many new ideas for retros etc. I don't know. I think the mixture of subjects is ok
Yes Still<span >  lot of inspiration and surprising events
Great schedule, rhythm + good mix with breaks
Good as it is Ask why more often
Don't solve the problem that you think the other has, but to NVC
Thanks for a great and enthusiastic organization
Yes Atmosphere New topics! Circle of change Professional Story teller
Yes All workshops, the people, the atmosphere more garbage collectors How to connect with people
How to deal with people you can't stand
Yes Mix of topics + people
Discussions + conversations
I describe the conference always as perfect Host leadership style
Business model canvas
Thanks for organizing this event
Probably The people, the atmosphere,, the technical sessions, that it wasn't too fluffy but still chill. Amount of people Less sessions that last all afternoon. There were only 2 options on Friday afternoon if you didn't want to be in one afternoon filling session (I just can't focus that long)
Make the 30 min sessions 45 minutes
It was often very cold or very warm in the rooms
Agile release train game
Stuff mentioned by Pierre Hervouet
Stuff mentioned by ourselves :-)
The next step, agile will fade, what will be the next step, the next improvement I kind of missed a cozy (gezellige) space to butterfly
Depending on my personal agenda, yes Interaction between sessions Improve quality of some speakers / talks Great two days again :-)
Yes The variety in subjects Some presentations were below par, try and sieve them out Agile coffee Gamification of Design patterns Enjoyed it!
Yes I like the interaction during the sessions Shorter coffee breaks
The continued sessions limited the choice when going to an other session
TDD concurrent code More technical sessions
Yes! Session with soft(ware) ball Don't know. It is good already TDD when writing java code Trick to do a better retrospective
Yes Variation in sessions
Pre-event dinner earlier then at 20:00 Read more
Yes Variation in sessions
Conference location
Can't really think of anything CSP from Hoare
Yes Good sessions
Great people
Joel Spolsky on hiring people
Yes Atmosphere
Diverse perspectives
New ideas
Mix of roles in a company
Lean Coffee
Yoga & Aikido
Maybe 3 days Spiral Dynamics
Client relations as romantic ones
Concurrent Sequential Processes
Ask Why
I would like to bring business people in a development session so that they better understand the pain and process of software development
For sure More theory sessions More Sketchnoting
Using different techniques for difficult people
Sessions about how to apply agile in [other] departments (e.g. Sales)
Yes! The people
The sessions
The conversations
The  beer & wine :-)
The positive energy
The fun :-)
The Sketchnote wall
The good old "gong" to identify the start and end (5 min) of the sessions
Feedback wall
How to catch the good ones
Using more Agile games
More of what I liked Thanks again for organizing 2 inspiring and fun days. Keep up the good work. See you next year...
Yes Everything PDCA game
Yes Presentations I attended: eduScrum, Dungeon Master, the Plouf
Feedback on me and Florian's session
Use the slide we provide for the pitch eduScrum
Randori for practicing
Maybe Non programming sessions
Yes People & interactions 3 days Business Value Measurement
Yes! Everything Better WIFI
Map of the facilities
Spiral Dynamics
PO value game
Catching the good ones
Agile antipatterns & solutions
Yes I would love to I liked the place, the setup, very nicely organized and the nice and well-planned sessions & plenums.
A good mix between the different subjects
It is small and the only thing that comes to mind that the iPhone should have IOS 8 to get the app Some of the theories behind Spiral Dynamics and more neuroscience That it is as well-planed as this one :-) Twitter wall with touchscreen: AWESOME!
It would be nice to be able to check out at the end of the second day so you can go to your room during the 2nd day as well
Yes! Sessions very useful - I wish I could attend them all (well, almost :-))
Extra sessions in the evening
free beers
Empathic listening
Ladder of Leadership
It's been a great pleasure to be here again - Thank you for organizing!
Yes Interaction
Hands on
Choice of sessions
More choice in sessions NVC Accommodation could be more accessible
I sure hope so, yes The people, the interactions, the mix of topics I think it already is I'm going to study behavioral economics in Agile contexts A little more presentations; the conference is rather workshop-heavy
Yes Quality sessions
More handouts / recordings. Lots of time I needed to take notes myself Feedback loops
Hiring interview techniques
A blind beer tasting as social event Really had a quality experience
Yes Good atmosphere
Some interesting speakers
Great accommodation and food
A bit more complex coding / XP sessions TDD Randori
Leadership ladder
Maybe a real open space setup Keep it on! Great two days. Thank you for organizing
I hope so! The place (hotel), Kapellerput
The atmosphere - opportunity to meet people, share experience and understand what's going on out here
Some periods have a lot of difficult choices (e.g. Friday 11:15-12:30) while others less Recruitment process
Working with people you can't stand
I liked the quiz better last year - more spirit, interaction
I like werewolves in the past
Storyboarding the conference was great + the kids learning agile
Yes Top program, good venue, nice people
Good mix of technical and social sessions
Second afternoon contained less interesting sessions for me.
Do something outside, venue has a very nice wood
Catching the good ones
Multiple teams and agile (release train, scale organization)
Encourage the use of TDD to improve code quality
Do something outside, venue has a very nice wood
No idea The people, quality of sessions Nothing Got confirmation things tried/do are good. Repetition is good Similar spread of topics (beginner, practitioner, tech, boss...) Great job! Congratz
Hope so Spiral Dynamics Maybe in the spring so you can go outside (warm) The power of empathic conversation More retrospective material Keep up the good work. Thank you for 2 lovely days
Yes Interactive sessions, peers, like-minded people, FUN!!! Less "transition to agile", more "problems in an already agile organization" Leadership models (thanks Ole!)
PO Value game
Games for agile business Food served faster = less grumpy people at night!
Yes! Interactive program I come two days Situational leadership Practice and play
Don't know. I will try Atmosphere around Make track with similar duration Leadership & why Big ice breaker
Yes The content of the sessions, the people attending and the atmosphere It is good as it is Non violent communication More new ideas
Definitely Sessions were great, as always
Hotel was really good
Food was excellent
Check out later than 9:30 Recruitment session was really helpful so I will start applying some things from that.
Leadership ladder was also amazing
The TDD  Randori was also great and I will apply the feedback I got from the participant in the next Randori
More developers maybe? Keep up the good work
Absolutely! Shared knowledge with passionate people
The drink
Sessions about leadership
Have to think about it. You'll hear from me Host leadership
Leadership ladder
A short "fishbowl" session to discuss a few statements Keep up the good work
Yes! The after lunch games (to wake up) Stop at 17:30 at the latest so we can catch our plane eduScrum
Randori for practicing
1 central information radiator. What's happening where and when. E.g. People could post unofficial things happening
Yes! :-) The people
The inspiration
The quality of sessions
Good food!
Getting a better previous selection by the personas. I didn't see the explanation before and therefore didn't know they were a help to select sessions Product owner game => investigate further and combining with the agile release train. So I have a workshop that is shorter than the train, but has more purpose for my multiple teams Impressions of previous conferences. As a new person I'm very curious what you all did before (in a dia show or Sketchnote, photo's or summary of sessions Not only books on table to get inspired, but also previous presented games. Or a television corner where there are continuous youtubes or presentations. For when you want a moment (short) not interacting. For example in the evening
Probably Atmosphere
WIFI! TDD Refactoring legacy code
Putting legacy code under test
Keep up the good work, but please have internet access!
Yes Fun, people, sessions Leave the cold drinks during the sessions Agile release train
Why question
Bit more games Just keep going further, you're doing a great job
Food and bar
Rooms - both hotel and conference facilities
Location closer to airport
End at 16:00 Friday to make it possible to get home for foreigners
eduScrum! Keynote speakers with new stuff Great organizing team! Thank you for fantastic service!
Yes Sessions, the bar, the talks, the  hugs, the location the people, the organizations More sessions of 75 minutes instead of the "Continued" sessions BDD, be brave, things I learned in the "People I can't stand" workshop More workshops
Music, singing?
Good food, good vibe
Thanks a lot to organizers
Think so Atmosphere very open
Kind people
Learned a lot
Repeat the sequel sessions
Yes, probably The atmosphere No suggestions CSP A magician I really enjoyed myself, thanks
Probably not. I was here as a guest, my husband was speaking The reading from Per
The workshop from Jenni
Be more positive :-)
For sure! Ambiance
Attending Spiral Dynamics
Story telling in retro
NVC skills
Actually, almost all that I learned
Keep on organizing
Attending people
Diversity of topics
Location & atmosphere
Better balance agile soft skills with conceptual software engineering topics Multi level feedback loop exercises
Value definition exercises
Theories on software & test engineering Keep going, thumbs up!
Possibly Functional programming and TDD session
That there is room for subjects like AI
More AI, less "tree hugger" kind of sessions Functional languages
AI concepts
More technical sessions, hands-on programming
Yes Many interesting sessions
Discussions at lunch, dinner...
Change management, explicit feedback over multiple levels, release train meeting, SAFE, Leadership ladder Why are there so many coaches and not so many developers, project leads,...?
Can you attract more "real world people"?
Possibly Location, speaker pitches Better WIFI (often no connection)
Maybe use joind.in for feedback?
Scheme / FP More programming workshops
Yes Time boxes
Quality of presenters
Fix the wifi Visual storyboarding
Empathic listening / non violent communication
How to do change
Yes General format
Quality of sessions
Empty slots for re-delivery of some sessions PO Game Maybe present a session myself? Congrats! Jeep up the good work
Yes The choice of topics
Interactive sessions
Some requirement gathering techniques
Some concepts about why we are working a certain way
Similar to current topics (mainly customer & process oriented)
Not sure The hands on sessions
If all presenters prepared their session( => Asteroids)
In Belgium
Better WIFI
Do coding dojo with teams Refactoring sessions
Testing existing code (e.g. Legacy)
Yes! All the sessions were interesting and people were great! Be more clear about available places in sessions (how does it work?) Scaled agile, empathic listening, recruitment Great job! It was a fantastic conference!!!
Yes Atmosphere, good sessions, food Release train game Would like to be surprised with new ideas Keep up the good work
I hope so! The energy, the openness of<span >  the people to share ideas More binding. Not only workshops, open discussions? Let it happen? I'm busy with an idea an I'll put some of what I heard in it Go on this way, also the Sketchnotes
Yes, if my company can afford it! Getting to know non-developers to share ideas with
The evening's spirit
Leave a little more time for workshop sessions (1h15 is too short sometimes) Try and apply the "host style" for management
Improve my network building
Sessions on tool success stories: how someone has succeeded in using a tool to support his/her day-to-day activity
Yes! Most of it!
The people, the network
Pre-check some speakers
Better WIFI
Nope, positive guest :-)
Yes Energy level, the people Host leadership
Ask more Why => be aware that people really know why they are doing things
Technical sessions on another track than TDD (inspiration from other coding conferences)
Experimental track for trying/sharing coding stuff
See you next year!